Having a range of unique camera angles is central to creating and delivering captivating content. In recent years, the PTZ camera has grown in prominence in broadcast, live, and corporate AV productions due to its compact and discreet design. Placed anywhere, these versatile cameras have revolutionized how broadcasters capture and present live events, providing a dynamic and cost-effective solution.



In the world of media production, the secret ingredient to making your content truly shine is motion. It’s the dynamic force that can turn a production from good to exceptional. Motion naturally grabs the viewer’s attention and adds life to your content. By guiding the viewer’s eye, motion provides a sense of flow and continuity that helps tell stories more effectively. The door is opened to a world of visual possibilities, being able to easily capture a range of different camera angles to provide a fresh perspective.

Smooth camera movement enhances a production’s overall look and can be easily achieved with MRMC’s range of PTZ Enablement solutions. From ruggedised PTZ cameras, to lift columns, rails, and jibs, our PTZ solutions guarantee accurate, smooth motion. All the products come with Freed output for seamless integration in to VR/AR workflows.

You can go even further by overlaying the solution with software that allows you to streamline your workflow, control multiple cameras from a single interface, or build a system that is entirely driven by automation.


The Quiet Rail System (QRS-1) is a modular track designed to add smooth, natural motion to studio, event and mixed productions. It is an ideal solution for customers looking for either fixed or portable setups, with variety of mounting options, such as the floor, ceiling or wall.



C’s PTZ enablement range by adding a vertical lift solution offering upmost flexibility with floor, wall or ceiling mounting options available.  With a range of height configurations, the LLS-1 can comfortably capture sitting and standing shots without reconfiguration.


The RLS-1 Rail Lift System features a modular design, which means it can be used in many ways to provide a versatile range of motion. The RLS-1 can be quickly reconfigured from floor to ceiling and like all of our robotics solutions, has genlock sync input to allow synchronised FreeD positional data to be output, enabling its use with virtual graphics systems.