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About us, https://www.broadcastindustrynews.online/ is an online resource for news and information about the UK broadcast industry. It provides comprehensive coverage of the Broadcast industry in the UK, including updates on the latest technological advances, new productions, and the latest UK industry trends. The site also provides resources for professionals, including news and updates on the UK broadcast job market, broadcast training and development opportunities, and advice on how to stay ahead in the broadcast industry. Additionally, the site features interviews and articles from Broadcast industry experts, giving readers insight into the current state of the UK broadcast industry. The site is a great resource for anyone interested in broadcast media, providing an up-to-date and comprehensive overview of the latest developments in the UK. We are building a directory, training academy and jobs search section, our aim is to build an online community as well as a news site for the UK Broadcast Industry.

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We will be expanding the remit of our site over the next 12 months we have big plans and want you our friends in the industry to be a massive part of those plans.

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