In a recent interview, Marie-Soleil Levéry, the European Broadcasting Union’s (EBU) Head of Member Relations for the Nordics, Belgium, and Netherlands, shared valuable insights into the role and its impact within the broadcasting community. As the EBU advertises for a new Head of Member Relations for the DACH, UK, and Ireland regions, Levéry’s perspectives shed light on the skills and experiences essential for the position.

At the core of the Head of Member Relations role is being the primary contact point for EBU Members. Levéry emphasizes the importance of adapting to regional specifics and engaging creatively with members. The role involves understanding strategic priorities, monitoring engagement, and guiding members towards valuable services. It’s a position that allows witnessing the EBU’s purpose firsthand, aligning personal values with the passion for broadcasting.

Levéry notes that this role is not solitary; it’s about collaboration with colleagues and experts across the EBU, all driven by the goal of supporting members. Essential skills include openness, active listening, and an awareness of unconscious bias. A willingness to learn about broadcasting, local cultures, and countries is crucial. Levéry also advises taking time to explore local cultures when traveling, a practice increasingly recognized in post-pandemic policies.

Marie-Soleil Levéry’s career at the EBU is a testament to the organization’s support for career growth and exploration. Transitioning from Finance to International Relations, she highlights the opportunities presented by the EBU for personal and professional development. Levéry’s journey from PricewaterhouseCoopers to managing the finances of EBU’s Media Department and eventually moving to Member Services in 2019 is a story of continuous learning and adaptation.

The role of Head of Member Relations at the EBU is pivotal in fostering strong connections and supporting the diverse needs of its members. As the EBU seeks a new head for this role in the DACH, UK, and Ireland regions, the insights from Marie-Soleil Levéry provide a deeper understanding of the responsibilities and opportunities this position offers.


About the EBU and its Members:

The EBU represents 112 media organizations in 56 countries across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, with 31 additional Associates globally. Its members operate nearly 2,000 television and radio channels, along with online platforms, reaching over one billion people worldwide and broadcasting in nearly 160 languages.