Econocom, a sustainable digital enterprise and pioneer of the circular economy in Europe, today announced the launch of an ambitious campaign as part of the roll-out of its One Econocom strategic plan, enabling 100 elite sales agents to join the Group over the next three years.


Today, Econocom has a major advantage linked to its business model: its network of sales agents. These self-employed entrepreneurs operate on behalf of the company and work daily with the Group’s customers. With the implementation of the strategic plan, the Group aims to increase its turnover from €2.8 billion to €4 billion over the next five years. To support this growth, Econocom is looking in particular to strengthen its sales team and its proximity to customers across Europe.


“For more than 40 years, Econocom has demonstrated considerable expertise in developing this independent sales force, which supports our customers over the long term,” says Jean-Louis Bouchard, Chairman and founder of Econocom. “Econocom is unique in that it is the only digital company to have introduced this model of sales agents who are independent business owners. It is a significant strategic force which offers candidates an exceptional opportunity to join a leading company in the sector while enjoying entrepreneurial independence.”


The aim is to attract salespeople with experience in Econocom’s business lines (hardware distribution, IT services, leasing solutions and recycling), who want to be part of an entrepreneurial project. This programme perfectly illustrates Econocom’s core values and fosters a long-term relationship of proximity and trust with its customers.


“Thanks to its business lines and ecosystem, Econocom offers a very rich and unique playing field for its employees. A talented sales representative can further develop him or herself and indulge in their creativity to offer tailor-made solutions for our clients,” says Jean-Pierre Overbeek, Managing Director of Gather Netherlands. “The sales agent model is well established within our company. We have been experimenting with it for several years, with great success, and we prefer to develop this proven model even further.”


This ambitious programme is supported by a multi-media campaign, including video testimonials from sales agents. This scheme is deployed across Europe, in France, Italy, Spain, Benelux, Germany and the United Kingdom.


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