Nearly two weeks ago, Las Vegas welcomed some of the broadcast industry’s biggest names for the 2024 NAB Show. With thousands in attendance both presenting and walking the showroom floor, Haivision’s presence could be felt throughout this year’s event.

Introducing Haivision Hub 360

A standout feature of this year’s show was the launch of Haivision Hub 360, a pioneering cloud-based master control solution designed to streamline the management of live broadcasting resources. This platform enables broadcasters to effortlessly manage live contribution devices, user permissions, and video sources from a centralized interface. Haivision Hub 360 supports routing live video over the internet using Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) and cellular networks with SST, providing broadcasters with unprecedented control and flexibility in their operations.


Haivision and AWS Power the NAB Show Live

In collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Haivision provided live coverage of the NAB Show. Utilizing Haivision’s Makito X4 encoders and decoders, the event was streamed with high reliability and quality, demonstrating the effective partnership between Haivision and AWS.

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Collaborative Ventures and Product Showcases

Throughout the event, Haivision’s technology was featured in various capacities across the showroom floor. First Mile Technologies demonstrated camera-to-cloud integration using Haivision’s Pro460 mobile transmitters and StreamHub receivers at Avid’s booth. Additionally, Haivision took part in the Grass Valley Forum, where they highlighted their product integration with Grass Valley’s AMPP platform.

Sony’s booth also featured Haivision’s Pro460 mobile transmitter, emphasizing its compatibility with Sony’s Creators’ Cloud for Enterprise. Furthermore, Skyline’s Dataminer platform now supports Haivision’s Makitos, SRT Gateway, and StreamHub receivers, reinforcing the growing ecosystem around Haivision’s technologies.

Recognition and Awards

The NAB Show was particularly noteworthy for Haivision as they received the NAB Best of Show Award for TV Tech, marking consecutive wins following last year’s recognition for Haivision StreamHub. The company also played a pivotal role in the award-winning submission for the Coronation of HM King Charles III by Neutral Wireless and the BBC, securing a win in the “Project, Event, or Collaboration” category at the IABM BAM Awards.

To learn more about the Coronation project, click here.

Celebrating 20 Years of Innovation

2024 marks the 20th anniversary of Haivision. The company commenced its celebrations at the NAB Show, inviting attendees to toast to two decades of innovation and success in the broadcasting industry.

As Haivision continues to lead and innovate in the broadcasting sector, the company looks forward with anticipation to the next NAB Show, where it plans to reveal more groundbreaking solutions.

In summary, Haivision’s significant presence and achievements at the 2024 NAB Show underline its central role in advancing broadcasting technology. The company’s ongoing innovation and strategic partnerships promise an exciting year ahead in the industry.