Cleveland, Ohio (April 12, 2024)Telos Alliance®, trusted global leader in broadcast audio for more than three decades, has announced an important software update – Version 2023-12r4 – for the Jünger flexAI platform, including AIXpressor and flexAIserver, bringing an abundance of performance and convenience features to these products.

V2023-12r4 brings a complete overhaul of AoIP integration, including full support for SMPTE ST 2110-30 and -31 Level A, B, and C as well as Livewire+ live streams, to AIXpressor, making it the ideal high channel-count AoIP interface. Support for NMOS IS-04 and IS-05 makes both AIXpressor and flexAIserver even more useful in ST 2110-based workflows, including integration with the industry’s most popular orchestration systems.

On the production and processing front, an improved voice-over automixer ensures dialog is kept in proper balance with other program elements, while Jünger Audio’s latest generation upmixer brings center channel replacement technology to the table. In addition, two new channel strips are now available: A matrix mixer with up to 16 input and output channels to simplify copying and shuffling channels, and a multichannel delay with 16 individual channels and up to 20 seconds of total audio delay.

FM broadcasters will appreciate Jünger Audio’s renowned MPX and Pre-Emphasis Limiter, available on the flexAI platform as the new FM Conditioner. This feature provides transparent loudness management in the composite domain in regions adhering to the ITU-R BS.412 MPX Power regulations.

For television customers, support for the vendor-agnostic Serial ADM (S-ADM) professional metadata format puts flexAI at the center of their Next Generation immersive audio workflows with a complete set of authoring and rendering tools for the seamless exchange of metadata between production and emission stages, including the Dolby® S-ADM emission profile. For broadcasters using MPEG-H, flexAI now offers the complete MPEG-H 3D Audio toolset from Fraunhofer IIS, including an immersive monitor controller.

Security enhancements include the option to use an HTTPS web interface with an integrated security certificate, password-protected login, and LDAP access control for users and groups.

Additional convenience features round out the V2023-12r4 upgrade. These include a convenient CPU meter for real-time monitoring of system performance and an integrated web-based console terminal, eliminating the need for administrators to initiate a separate terminal session during system setup and maintenance. Finally, native browser-based audio monitoring now makes it possible to hear audio from any patch point in the audio processing chain.

“We created flexAI to be a complete audio processing and signal management platform from its inception,” said Friedemann Kootz, Managing Director, Jünger Audio. “flexAI products – which today include AIXpressor and flexAIserver – can not only be used as standalone solutions but are designed to work together in the context of a larger platform. Since flexAI is based on the concept of software-defined products, users can choose the hardware that best suits their needs, then add the tools and applications they need from Jünger Audio’s vast catalog of processing, upmixing, measurement, and coding tools.”

flexAI software V2023-12r4 is available immediately at no charge to customers with a TelosCare PLUS SLA, though any new processing features enabled by the updated software will require the purchase of the appropriate license. AIXpressor and flexAIserver customers are encouraged to contact their Telos Alliance representative to learn more.

For additional information on the Jünger Audio flexAI products, please click here.


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Jünger Audio™, a trusted partner of Telos Alliance®, is a renowned provider of innovative audio processing solutions for the broadcast industry. With a commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology and exceptional audio quality, Jünger Audio empowers broadcasters worldwide to achieve superior audio processing, loudness control, and metadata management. Please note that the information provided in this press release is based on the details available at the time of writing, and any specific dates, features, or offerings are subject to change.


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