The year 2023 has been a landmark period for the media industry, primarily driven by the innovative strides in camera robotics, with MRMC (Mark Roberts Motion Control) leading this technological evolution. This year witnessed a series of pioneering projects and collaborations that emphasized the transformative impact of robotic camera systems in the realms of broadcasting, sports, and studio productions.

MRMC and ESPN’s Catalyst Stage: Pioneering Remote Acquisition

One of the year’s highlights was MRMC’s collaboration with ESPN for its new catalyst stage, which redefined standards in sports broadcasting. Additionally, MRMC’s partnership with Gravity Media at the Goodwood Festival of Speed showcased the advanced capabilities of remote acquisition in capturing live events, solidifying MRMC’s role in enhancing broadcast production quality and efficiency.

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MRMC’s AFC Robotic Head: A Milestone in Creative Production

MRMC’s AFC Robotic Head emerged as a pivotal product in their portfolio. Known for its reliability and operational efficiency, it significantly contributed across various sectors, including orchestras and corporate events. A notable achievement was its use in an orchestral production where it enabled 485 camera switches in just 50 minutes, demonstrating its prowess in high-stakes environments.

MRMC Enhances Broadcasting with PTZ Cameras and Sliders for Digi24

In a significant advancement for broadcast technology, MRMC facilitated the integration of PTZ cameras with sliders for Digi24hd. This setup, incorporating 16m of Atlas rail and curved rail, introduced a new level of cinematic quality to Digi24hd’s broadcasts, revolutionizing their visual storytelling.

MRMC’s Year-End Promotions and Global Reach

Marking the holiday season, MRMC announced substantial discounts on its PTZ Mover Kit, making its advanced robotic technology more accessible. This initiative aligns with MRMC’s strategy to broaden its international presence, highlighted by its participation in major tradeshows and partnerships with industry giants like Nikon and Brainstorm.

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MRMC’s Vision for 2024

As MRMC gears up for 2024, the focus is on continuing its trailblazing path in camera robotics. The company plans to further its advancements in virtual production and strengthen global partnerships, aiming to maintain its leadership position in providing innovative solutions that reshape the media production landscape.