NXTGENbps, an innovator in sustainable power solutions with advanced zero-emissions generators, recently worked with ITV Studios production company Plimsoll Productions to enable it to utilise NXTGENbps Goat green batteries instead of diesel/petrol on its ITV series Ainsley’s National Trust Cook Off 

The NXTGENbps Goat is 5kW/4.8kh and is expandable up to a max of 139.2 kWh via the NXTGENbps Billy Goats at 9.6kWh. The extremely robust design cast aluminium and carbon fibre casing comes in 16 or 32 single-phase output configurations and is suitable for all conditions, making it ideal for various applications including on-location lighting, video setups, production offices and catering.   

“Finding cleaner ways to power our shows on location is really exciting, and much needed in our industry,” said Phil Holdgate – Head of Production Sustainability – ITV Studios. He continued, “This solution was great. We had the power supply right in the middle of the action and could have only been achieved using batteries. Not only did this cost-effective solution help us reduce our carbon footprint, but we also had a quieter and safer working environment with no messy cables running across the ground.”  

Shooting for approximately 7-hours a day, including set-up, three NXTGENbps Goats provided an incredible 5.6 kWh each per day. The Plimsoll set-up consumed a total of 168 kWh which powered the lighting, V-lock battery charging, the video village, the on-screen outdoor kitchen including fridges, and the off-screen prep kitchen also included fridges and urns. 

The IP67 weather resistant batteries were an added advantage since the locations were remote, outdoor, and quite often in muddy, gravelled, and steep locations. The team swapped the battery generators between use and charging off a 13amp that was a fair distance from the location, so that there was always one spare if set-ups changed.    

Rob Wall, Technical Manager, Plimsoll Productions said, “NXTGENbps was a great partner for this project, helping us trial battery power for a production by offering great advice and service. We were able to place the eGenerators on set, cutting down on the cabling and rigging compared to diesels – this was especially important as the general public were close to set. We would feel confident using battery power on larger productions in the future.” 

Lesley Marr, Business Development and Sustainability Director, NXTGENbps added, “If Plimsoll Productions had used petrol generators at an average price of £1.60 a litre, there would have been costs of around £288 in fuel alone. And then there would have been the inconvenience and cost of getting fuel to the sites, as well as any additional cable runs required. We are really proud of what we achieved together for this production and hope this will pave the way for transition to battery power on locations, helping to prove what savings can be made and how versatile working with batteries is.”