The fast pace of the media marketplace means an accurate, current view on how content is performing becomes more important than ever. AudEx Visualise provides compelling visualisations of the latest Barb viewing figures wherever you are, allowing the best possible deal to be leveraged.

TRP Research has over 25 years of experience helping broadcasters and production companies understand who is viewing content, when, and why. Understanding viewing data isn’t always as easy as it should be, and so TRP Research has partnered with technology giant Sopra Steria to build a suite of innovative data solutions for media professionals.

The first product, AudEx Visualise, is a one-stop media analysis portal that uses cutting-edge cloud technology to deliver fast, data-driven visualisations of viewing data.

AudEx Visualise simplifies massive media data sets, empowering clients to easily access and use data to deliver timely, informed decisions. AudEx Visualise engages users with compelling views of Barb data at the click of a button. Shortly after data release, TRP populates top programme lists, both as-viewed and as-broadcast, letting users instantly see how their content has performed.

AudEx Visualise is built up from widget components – users can quickly select the right widget to demonstrate the value of their content via percentage contribution to channel or portfolio. Similarly, colour-coded heat charts, split by day of the week and time of day, highlight successful content, placing the value of titles in a competitive context.

AudEx Visualise is available whenever needed, complete with iOS and Android Visualise apps downloadable from the Apple and Google stores.

To find out more or to arrange a free trial of AudEx Visualise, please email Alternatively, visit stand M75 at the MPTS Show, near the Post Production Theatre, and the team will be delighted to explain how your content has performed!