SpycerNode storage products to be key technology

Munich, Germany, July 11th, 2023 — Rohde & Schwarz, a global leader in broadcast distribution and trusted partner in media solutions, has formed an agreement with specialist distributor the Global Distribution Group, recognized as one of the most experienced and trusted solution providers for the media and entertainment industry. Global Distribution, based in Cambridge UK, is active across Europe with offices in the EU, as well as India, and Los Angeles, USA

The distribution agreement focuses on the Rohde & Schwarz industry leading SpycerNode storage platform. This is a uniquely powerful, flexible, and scalable solution that builds on next-generation HPC (high performance computing) technologies to provide unprecedented power and flexibility for shared media storage. At NAB 2023 Rohde & Schwarz launched SpycerNode2, the latest version of the platform incorporating even greater redundancy and resilience, with powerful erasure coding, ease of management, and high-performance caching utilizing NVMe technology to provide ultimate performance.

Global Distribution has a strong focus on major technology vendors in the media and entertainment industry and has become a leader through its ability to provide the right solutions, backed by professional services and support. The partnership agreement will ensure that buyers of SpycerNode products will have access to comprehensive support and SLAs including expert advice from Rohde & Schwarz, and additional complementing solutions from Global Distribution.

“SpycerNode and SpycerNode2, together with its integrated production asset management platform SpycerPAM, are technically advanced, functionality complete media management tools,” said Keith Warburton, Founder and CEO at Global Distribution. “We are very excited by the opportunity to bring the potential of Rohde & Schwarz storage platforms to our broad range of customers across Europe and beyond.”

Xavier Levasseur, Sales Director Media Europe at Rohde & Schwarz, said “Global Distribution is a well-established, long-standing player in the media technology market. Our partnership with them will help increase our presence and allow a wide range of post-production and broadcast facilities to benefit from our uniquely powerful SpycerNode storage solution.”

For more information on the SpycerNode platform and all Rohde & Schwarz media products go to www.rohde-schwarz.com.


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