Company will use NAB NY 2023 to discuss customized solutions with new clients

New York _ 2nd October, 2023 

Securepoint – a newly launched security and protection consultant and solutions provider – will be using NAB New York 2023 to establish themselves as a key player in the broadcast market, both in the US and further afield. Combining the experience of Claudia Haase, John Daniels and Steve Shultis – veterans of the security and broadcast markets with more than 25 years of experience for each of them – Securepoint offers consultation and full implementation of security solutions for broadcasters, media outlets and houses of worship.

Rather than showcasing any particular off-the-shelf product or solution at an exhibition stand, Securepoint will be using NAB NY as a base from which to conduct meetings with existing and potential clients, highlighting the bespoke, customized and customer-centric nature of their service, which is based on close consultation and the development of tailored solutions based on the specific needs and context of each organization. Although the company has a close-to-capacity agenda already, there are still a limited number of slots available to engage with interested organizations.

The security and protection solutions developed by Securepoint are comprehensive and holistic in nature, considering every point of potential contact, and integrating together a range of physical, technological and conceptual best practices to offer protection from multiple angles. These may include any combination of physical safety equipment, technological solutions (such as active shooter detection), digital security measures, legal mechanisms, the establishment of safe contacts and fixer networks, the development of emergency protocols, and the provision of best practice training across all relevant fields.

Speaking of their services, Chief Security Security Officer John Daniels said: “Defining what we do can often be complex because in reality it is not one single, fixed thing; we do not offer a rigid range of products or a predefined approach to security and protection. Instead, what we offer is a consultative service based on more than 25 years of experience in security operations, with much of that drawn directly from the world of broadcast. We use that knowledge and analytical ability and combine it with a deeply client-centric approach to provide specific, targeted and context-appropriate solutions to organizations; taking into account their needs, resources, operational contexts, along with the unique risks and challenges they face”.

Adding to this, Board Chair Steve Shultis said: “Underpinning our philosophy is the idea that at the heart of the organizations we work with are people – sometimes people who are working in challenging, threatening and dangerous environments. Protecting them is important not only because the individual safety of a team is paramount, but because keeping them safe is crucial to ensuring they can do their jobs effectively. In that sense, it’s vital not just for the operational continuity of the individual broadcaster, but on a wider societal level, fundamentally important because it protects free speech and allows broadcasters to operate free of undue influence, threat or corruption”.

Concluding their remarks, CEO Claudia Haase said: “As a New York-based company with a global reach, it’s always a pleasure to be on ‘home turf’ with an event as big as NAB. We’re really looking forward to meeting our industry peers and taking the opportunity to talk to them in-depth about how we can support their broadcast operations”.

More information about Securepoint and its offerings is available at or by phone at +1 (646) 458 1423


About Securepoint

Headquartered in New York City, Securepoint brings together over 25 years of industry experience in Broadcast and Professional Sports to offer customized security solutions for broadcasters, media outlets and houses of worship. Securepoint combines their deep insight and client-centric approach to provide in-depth risk assessments, and then design and deliver operation-specific security setups which incorporate leading physical and technological solutions.

Led by a commitment to the idea that professionals in all industries and sectors must retain the absolute ability to practice their craft safely and with confidence, free from threat of disruption or attack, Securepoint helps companies and communities put the safety of their representatives and members at the forefront.