Using TVU remote production technology, viewers worldwide experience seamless commentary from international commentators located outside of the competition venues

Barcelona, Spain- December 5, 2023 — TVU Networks, a pioneer in cloud-based and hybrid media workflows for live production and distribution, joined together with MediaLuso, a leading provider of broadcast and media services, to deploy TVU Remote Commentator at the 2023 Pan American Games and Parapan American Games in Santiago, Chile.

TVU Remote Commentator enabled MediaLuso to successfully host 50 commentators over a two week period to cover the just concluded Pan American Games medal events live, eliminating the need for commentators to be physically on-site for the first time. Remote Commentator was able to support commentary for multiple simultaneous events. The Pan American Games, a premier event in the world of sports, showcases over 300 events in 24 sports, featuring athletes from 41 countries across the Americas every four years. This year’s games attracted millions of viewers worldwide, with hundreds of hours of live coverage.


“TVU Remote Commentator has proven to be an invaluable tool for streamlining remote commentary operations, allowing us to deliver exceptional coverage of the Pan American Games,” said Francisco José De La Fuente, CEO of MediaLuso. “We were able to manage the entire commentary process for the Games with just two operators and two producers – a testament to the system’s efficiency and effectiveness.”

Added De La Fuente, “TVU Remote Commentator’s ability to maintain uncompromised audiovisual quality through server-based operations is what makes it outstanding. It ensures an immersive viewing experience for audiences globally with minimal delay”.

TVU Remote Commentator contrasts sharply with traditional commentary methods, marked by extensive travel and logistical complexities. Remote Commentator significantly reduces operational costs and environmental impacts. Furthermore, TVU’s technology enables commentators to create engaging, localized content, enhancing the global appeal of major events such as the Pan American and Parapan American Games and bringing the excitement of each event to a wider audience.

“We were thrilled to partner with MediaLuso in this groundbreaking effort for the Pan American and Parapan American Games,” said Rafael Castillo, VP of Latin America and EMEA at TVU Networks. “TVU Remote Commentator was designed specifically to replicate on-location commentary but from a remote location such as a commentator’s home. By removing the need for travel and reducing production infrastructure while delivering a pristine production, sports broadcasters can cover more events much more cost-effectively.”

The partnership between TVU Networks and MediaLuso marks a significant milestone in enhancing remote broadcasting capabilities for large-scale sporting events. TVU Networks remains committed to driving innovation and enabling partners like Media Luso to deliver exceptional live coverage through cutting-edge technology.


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