Moves the system beyond DIY studio to full, any-context, automated production facility

Veenendaal, The Netherlands _10 January, 2024 – Utrecht University has selected WebClip2Go to provide an automated recording system, installed in-situ in their grand ‘State Room’, where PhD candidates undertake their viva – a process in which they are questioned upon and defend their submitted doctoral thesis. More than 200 of these events are carried out on an annual basis, and the WebClip2Go system was deemed to meet the stringent requirements of the university, which needed the system not only to ensure academic integrity in the most efficient and reliable way possible, but also to produce high quality, professional-grade recordings to honour the significance of each occasion and mark it for posterity.

Utrecht University commissions all of their technology implementations through preferred supplier JNV, who after a rigorous testing and comparison of various recording systems identified that the WebClip2Go system was unrivalled in the smooth, easy-use-nature of its automation workflows, and the quality of the output delivered.

This was particularly true given the very specific demands of viva recording; whilst certain elements of the procedure are easily automated (such as the entry and exit ceremonies), the back-and-forth dialogue-based nature of the procedure itself required more sophisticated solutions. WebClip2Go provided for this with its VCP feature, which engages in automated switching based on who is speaking. The system can also be adjusted to randomize reaction shots to create a more naturalistic recording – replicating the experience of being in the room and witnessing the viva thesis defense live.

From a hardware perspective, the WebClip2Go system brought together four Canon PTZ cameras, meaning that pan, tilt and zoom movements could be added to the shots (also on an automated basis), creating a more dynamic, less static feel to the recording. Dante audio input and Televic systems were also supported, allowing for crystal clear audio capture, with Cisco and Crestron systems facilitating remote video conference attendance and the control of auxiliary equipment, such as additional screens. With the MAX WebClip2Go model supporting eight simultaneous input sources, even the most complex of viva presentations could be recorded without issue.

Alongside the technological challenges of the job, the logistics associated with the installation were also crucial. Only six weeks were available for the removal of the existing system and installation of the WebClip2Go-based replacement. Off-site testing was therefore crucial, alongside an approach to service delivery and installation that was efficient, professional and meticulous.

Commenting on the project for WebClip2Go, CEO Gerrit Bulten said: “This installation at Utrecht University represents a natural evolution of application for a system that itself has been evolving for years –  moving beyond its exclusive role as a DIY studio, and allowing it to operate also as a full video automation system, capable of handling productions in any space or context. This versatility will prove to be of growing importance to higher education providers, who are integrating video into their operations in increasingly sophisticated ways”.

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WebClip2Go offers high quality video production tools that aim to revolutionize the way in which content is created, drive down the cost of creation, and make professional-level video production more accessible to all. As an offshoot of Burst video – broadcast and AV integration specialists for 30 years – WebClip2Go brings the innovation of a start-up with the expertise and wisdom of an established player. By fundamentally changing the workflow associated with traditional video production, and scaling back equipment needs to the point that production can be achieved with one man, one system and one camera (or multiple cameras), WebClip2Go is democratizing the process of producing professional quality video – with application across fields as diverse as education, corporate, fashion, retail. Be it a product or instructional video, informative or education content, or entertainment. No crew, no piles of gear, no fuss. Just broadcast quality video. Fast. And lots of it.